Many of the core courses in the 7th & 8th Grades and most of our Elective Courses are using Canvas to organize coursework and assignments. Some of our core courses in the 6th Grade are using some features of Canvas, such as the calendar and announcements. Students and Parents can access class content and monitor student progress by going onto Canvas.

How do Parents access Canvas?

As a parent, you can create your own Canvas account to observe your student's progress in their courses. Canvas is accessible using either a smart phone or computer.

Canvas on the smart phone.

To download the Parent Canvas app, use either Google Play or iTunes.


After installing the Parent app, click the blue Find My School button.  Type Richland School District into the search bar and click on "Richland School District Parent". In the sign up screen, you will need to add your name, email address, password and a student Pairing Code.  Please use the links below with step-by-step directions for creating a Pairing Code and adding more students to your account. Please note, the Canvas app only provides notifications and a quick snapshot of how your student is doing. To see more, you will need to access Canvas from a computer or laptop.

What is the Canvas Parent App?
How does my student create a Pair with Observer Code?
How do I add more than one student to my parent app account?

Canvas on the computer.

You can access Canvas online by going to  As a parent, you will need to create your own account using your email address and password. If you are currently using the Canvas Parent app, you need to use the same email and password as the app. The computer version allows you to see all your student's courses, assignments, grades, scoring rubrics, any teacher feedback and calendar. While the app is helpful, the computer version gives much more information. You can also add multiple students to your Canvas Parent Account.

How do I add another student to my Canvas parent account on the computer?

Other helpful Canvas Guides when using a computer

Please make sure you are using the Richland School District Canvas login portal when accessing Canvas using the Internet. If you use the Canvas portal, you will not be able to pair with your student. If your student has used your computer to access Canvas, they need to log out completely before you can create your parent Canvas account.

Richland School District Canvas login screen

In this tutorial, our students explain how to navigate Canvas: