Many of the Core Courses in the 7th & 8th Grades and most of our Elective Courses are using Canvas to organize coursework and assignments. Some of our Core Courses in the 6th Grade are using some features of Canvas, such as the calendar and announcements. Students and Parents can access class content and monitor student progress by going onto Canvas.

Canvas on Your Computer

You can access Canvas online by going to  Log in with your child.  

On the right column, you can see items that need to be completed by your child.  You can click on a class to see the modules, assignments, outcomes, and grades.

Note:  If you are having difficulty accessing the Canvas site on your home computer, try to first log into Google Drive ( with your child's school email address and password, then go to the Canvas site (

In this tutorial, our students explain how to navigate Canvas:

Canvas on Your Phone

You can also download the Canvas app on your phone:


After installing the app, Click the blue Find My School button.  Type Richland School District into the search bar and click on "Richland School District Teachers/Students.". This will take you to a Google log in screen where you will use your student's school email and password.

For parents, we recommend using the Student app since it provides a lot more access to information than the Parent app; however, you are welcome to download and use the Parent app. To access the Parent App, your child first needs to create an Observer Code. This can be done by having your student log into Canvas, click Account, Settings and the "Pair with Observer" button located on the right side of the screen. This code is then entered when logging into the Canvas Parent app.