Parents are an integral part of our team. There are several ways in which parents can engage in our school's mission:


  • We value the contributions and input of parents in the community and day to day culture building of our school and encourage communication through our meetings, website, email, and facebook page
  • Fundraise to support school programs: resources for school projects, incentives for Attendance Matters, prizes for STEAM nights/ Math nights, Reflections Program, field trip support, adding extra supplies to Maker Spaces and Library
  • Show appreciation: monthly appreciation gifts to teachers and staff, volunteer banquet, 8th grade party

ATP (The Action Team for Partnerships)

  • This is a committee of educators, parents, and community members that meets monthly to develop plans for school, family, and community partnerships. Out of this committee a roster can be developed to use for guest speakers, leadership and partnerships to support student learning
  • ATP along with PTSA plan events to encourage parents involvement in schools including STEAM nights, Math events, and Parents and Pastries nights

Destination Imagination coaches

Parent involvement in classes

  • Parents from STEAM jobs volunteer-lecture/activity
  • Serve as a resource for parents of incoming students
  • Volunteer as a language translator
  • Monitor attendance, hallways and restrooms
  • Staff a school welcome desk
  • Create an in-school parent resource center containing material on adolescence
  • Record an MP3 file for students to read along with when their textbook is beyond their reading level
  • Run fundraising programs, such as clothing exchanges, school stores, fairs, and discount programs with local merchants
  • Make copies of games and other classroom materials for teachers
  • Help teachers prepare materials for future lessons, collect recyclables, decorate classrooms, inventory supplies, and paperwork
  • Operate phone trees to help schedule parent volunteers
  • Provide childcare so another parent can volunteer in the classroom
  • Mentoring, coaching, and tutoring in organizational and academic areas
  • Collaborate with teachers/admin/students to determine how parents can fill unmet needs
  • Become advisors for extracurricular activities such as school paper, clubs, science/tech labs

Exhibition nights

Once every semester, students will exhibit their projects to the public. Help us plan, organize, and run these events.

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Provide Feedback To Libby's RSD Board Parent Advisory Group Representative

The Richland School Board has established a Parent Advisory Group with members from each RSD school. These representatives are interested in sharing feedback from other parents at their respective schools.

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