Welcome to All New and Returning Chargers

Please go through our online orientation. The first section is for all students and parents. Hey, 6th grade students, be sure to see our special videos just for you.

All Students:

Week 1 Schedule

image of Libby's week 1 schedule

The First Day of School

For students worried about "going to class" on the first day of school, this video will help you find your Zoom link to your classes. Before Tuesday morning, please make sure you can log onto your Chromebook, log into Classlink and access Canvas.

Zoom Student Code of Conduct
  1. Be on time.
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Start your Zoom meeting with your camera on and mic muted.
  4. Sign in with your first and last name.
Canvas Learning Management System

For information on Canvas Student/Parent Training and creating a parent Canvas account, please visit our Canvas page.


PowerSchool Parent Account

To keep track of your student's attendance and final grades, please create your own PowerSchool parent account. For directions and a link to the log in screen, please visit our Instructional Technology page.

Instructional Technology

Summit Learning

For information on navigating the Summit Learning Platform and signing up for Summit alerts on student progress, please visit our Summit Learning page.

Summit Learning

Other Important Student Platform Training

During the school year, students will be using Screencastify, Google Suits and Zoom. The Richland School District has created Student/Parent training videos. Please visit the Student/Parent Technology Tutorials page on the RSD website.

Student/parent technology tutorials

Richland School District Continuous Learning 2.0

If you would like to see the most up-to-date information regarding RSD's Continuous Learning 2.0, please visit the Return to School Planning Updates page. The plan is accessible for download on the right side of the screen.

Return to school planning updates

6th Grade Students:

Meet the 6th grade teachers at Libby.