Canvas Learning Management System

All Libby teachers use Canvas as their Learning Management System. Students will start all classes with Canvas to check announcements, calendar, mail and current unit module. Students using Summit Learning will also start with Canvas and access Summit Learning through their Canvas course.

Canvas Support Videos

For anyone who does not have an account with Canvas: Student and Parent/Guardian Training
For anyone who has an account in Canvas: Student and Parent/Guardian Training

Canvas Parent Account?

To support and monitor student progress, you can create a Parent Canvas account. This allows you to view everything your student sees on the Canvas platform. You will have access to your student's courses, assignments, grades, scoring rubrics, teacher feedback and student calendar. There are two ways to access your Canvas parent account, on a desktop or laptop computer or by the Canvas phone app. Both directions are listed below.

Creating and Accessing Your Account on a desktop or laptop.

To create a parent Canvas account, please go to Make sure this is the Richland School District Canvas login portal. (See image below.) Click on Parent of a Canvas User, found in the upper right corner of the Login box. You will need to create your own account using your email address and a password of your choice. Please note, district personnel do not have access to your password information.

Directions on Creating a Parent Account
How does my student create a Pair with Observer Code?
How do I add another student to my Canvas parent account?
How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as an observer?

Richland School District Canvas login screen image
Creating and Using Canvas on a Smartphone

The Canvas app provides you with only a snapshot of how your student is doing in Canvas. You can view grades, student calendar and receive alerts. You will not be able to view student work from the Canvas app.
To download the Parent Canvas app, use either Google Play or iTunes.


After installing the Parent app, click the blue Find My School button.  Type Richland School District into the search bar and click on "Richland School District Parent". Please see images below as there are two Richland School Districts listed for Canvas. In the sign up screen, you will need to add your name, email address, password and a student Pairing Code.  Please use the links below with step-by-step directions for creating a Pairing Code and adding more students to your account. Please note, the Canvas app only provides notifications and a quick snapshot of how your student is doing. To see more, you will need to access Canvas from a computer or laptop.

What is the Canvas Parent App?
How do I add more than one student to my parent app account?

Finding the Parent app

Make sure you click on the 2nd Richland School District. Once the next page opens, make sure the page heading reads, Now you can either login to an existing account or create a new one.


In this tutorial, our students explain how to navigate Canvas: